As the team leader of a four-member crew, I orchestrated an exciting photoshoot capturing “The Exploration of Campsites in Western Blacksea” on behalf of the Western Blacksea Development Agency (BAKKA). Our mission was to showcase the beauty and allure of campgrounds in the stunning Western Blacksea region. Alongside this endeavor, we collaborated with esteemed outdoor…

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Mitsubishi L200

In the captivating landscapes of the Western Black Sea region, a remarkable photoshoot unfolded as I embarked on a 10-day adventure with the powerful Mitsubishi L200. Guided by the influencer @tekbasinadaolur, we captured the vehicle’s rugged elegance against majestic mountains and tranquil coastlines, creating a harmonious blend of man and machine. Nights spent camping beneath…

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Toyota Hilux

Capturing the power and versatility of the Toyota Hilux in its natural habitat, this photoshoot showcases the iconic vehicle conquering challenging terrains. With dynamic angles, attention to detail, and expert lighting, the images highlight the Hilux’s commanding presence and unrivaled capabilities. It’s a visual story of resilience, adventure, and the unwavering prowess of the Toyota…

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