Transanatolia 2022

I had the privilege of attending the Transanatolia 2022 race as a guest photographer with Team Balaban, a remarkable experience that pushed my skills to new heights. Spanning from Hatay to Eskişehir, this challenging project took me through diverse landscapes and exhilarating off-road tracks. Alongside renowned Turkish athlete Ertan Balaban and esteemed actor Serhan Onat, I captured the intense determination and adrenaline-fueled moments of the race. It was an honor to work with such accomplished individuals, and the Transanatolia 2022 race will forever hold a special place in my photography journey.

I had the opportunity to create compelling content for esteemed brands such as General Tire, G-Shock, and Stanley. Collaborating with these renowned companies allowed me to showcase their products in captivating ways. From capturing the durability and performance of General Tire’s off-road tires to highlighting the ruggedness and reliability of G-Shock watches, each photograph told a unique story. Additionally, working with Stanley allowed me to showcase the brand’s exceptional quality and functionality. It was a rewarding experience to create content that showcased the essence and value of these reputable brands.